NewTek NDI KVM Technology Helps With Social Distancing

Remote production has made its mark on the industry since the Covid-19 pandemic. As many businesses were forced to close down, production was able to keep running, remotely. Jose Burgos, owner of Burgos FX and industry leader in live production and TriCaster was able to maintain social distancing while still getting the job done. With the help of his NewTek TriCaster line of products and NDI KVM he was able to create a remote setup and continue to book clients throughout the pandemic.  

Burgos is one of the three individuals to obtain the "NewTek Authorized Trainer" certificate, so he was very familiar with the products before the pandemic hit. He was able to create a remote setup with NDI KVM. He used Skype integration of the TriCaster TC1 to bring on talent, and Zoom and Microsoft Teams as an intercom system for the production team. "With both of those video conferencing options I can offer directors and producers multiview access by sharing the NDI KVM output" says Burgos. 

"I’m happy to report there are more productions on the horizon for my business. And I can say with confidence the NewTek TriCaster line of switchers with native NDI KVM components are the reason."

Jose Burgos 


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