NewTek NDI Pushing IP Video to the Next Level

Tom Sinclair over at Streaming Idiots put together this informational and insightful video about Newtek NDI (Network Device Interface) and it's adoption by 3rd party vendors. While we expected to see camera companies and capture card makers embrace NDI, it's also being picked up by companies like vMix, which could be considered a NewTek competitor. We can tell you that IP Video and NewTek NDI are going to be very big at the upcoming NAB show in April.
NewTek Blogs Tom Sinclair devotes this episode of Streaming Idiots to NewTek Network Device Interface™ (NDI™), with this comment coming early in the show: “We were talking in the pre-show about the French Revolution, and how there were so many attempts to start a revolution that never really took…but at one point, somebody started something, and it kept going. And that may be what’s going on with NewTek. NewTek has got a cadre of companies and individuals around them that they work with, with their TriCaster platform…that develop graphics and develop other things that touch on the TriCaster platform, and those companies are beginning to develop for NDI.” NewTek's new NDI protocol will disrupt and create chaos in the streaming/broadcasting/video industry. Will this mean that capture cards will be obsolete? Is there an opportunity for someone to develop a HDMI-to-NDI converter box or dongle? (Magewell, are you listening?) Will NDI work over a VPN? Will accessing 8 HD cameras using NDI bring your production PC to a screaming halt? Can you access Skype through NDI? Will there be a NDI app for my phone? Will there be a NDI app for my other PC's? NDI (Network Device Interface) is a IP protocol & compression technology developed by Newtek (the Tricaster folks) that allows devices like cameras and microphones to be shared over a local area network. read more...

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