NewTek NDI Ushers In a New Era of Video Production

Screen Shot 03-16-16 at 02.10 PMNewTek formally announced NewTek NDI (Network Device Interface) last fall at IBC and it's been attracting a lot of attention. By creating an open Video over IP switching and production standard, NewTek is trying to change the way live video is produced in the future. Under NewTek NDI any NDI aware devices on your network will be able to communicate with each other and share their video sources and outputs. In it's simplest terms, think of it this way. If you already have a TriCaster, you can add a TriCaster Mini to your network and with it add 4 additional camera inputs. So lets say you have a TriCaster 8000 in your main arena, switching 6 differing cameras throughout the venue. Down the road and across the street you have a smaller venue for wrestling and gymnastics. With NDI you would be able to add a TriCaster Mini or 460 and feed any of the inputs or the main program into the TC8000 and vice versa. This includes graphics, animations and recorded video clips. Whatever resources are on either machine, both machines now have access to in realtime for live productions! Last week NewTek launched the latest version of NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition software. With this version of Advanced Edition software you get a ton of new features and most importantly, you get NDI!

NewTek NDI: Welcome to the new era of video production.

TriCaster® Advanced Edition now incorporates NDI™, NewTek’s innovative Network Device Interface technology, making it the first—and most complete—production software to enable IP-based workflows. In this video Dr. Andrew Cross, NewTek President and CTO, and Don Ballance, VP of Training Development Worldwide, explain and demonstrate how you can make the transition to IP-based video production with equipment you may already own.

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