NewTek NDI version 4 released at IBC2019

NewTek NDI version 4
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NewTek has unveiled their 4th generation of NDI®. This is for developers and end users. Happening at IBC2019 located in Amsterdam. It seems their mission is to continue to developing their software-defined storytelling (SDVS) with universal power. IP-based productions being where this is done. NDI is still the leasing tech in this field.

What's new?

A lot has happened in the 4 years since NDI's been around. Everyone uses it now: gamers, large scale broadcasters, you name it. Even companies like Avid, Microsoft, Adobe, Atomos, and countless others.

NDI® 4 merges live video and post–production together with the revolutionary ability to record almost unlimited NDI® video channels, making IP–based multi–camera editing truly accessible for the first time. Continuous recordings are readily available for editing and instant replay without stopping video capture. Time–stamped recordings are seamlessly imported as synchronized files into Adobe® Creative Cloud® with full synchronization in any video or audio format, including 4K UHD and above.

Official NewTek release statement

Thus NDI 4 untilizes high-bandwidth NDI over your standard wifi connection. But now in resolutions up to 4K UHD. And all from a mobile device. Aspect Ratios, frame rates, resolutions are also all independent. Yet all from a mobile device!

At Kanal 75, we may be the largest deployer of NDI® in the world with several hundreds of video sources on our network at any given time that we can use in nearly any way we want. We can do things once thought impossible and it allows us to think in new creative ways of what is possible... We’re very excited about NDI® 4 and its new features which are significant. We hope these latest features will take us to the next level.

Stefan Hammarlund, CTO at Kanal 75

Giving producers a chance to save money is also important. NDI has made this possible in many ways. So I'm looking forward to playing with NDI 4 in newer and better productions of my own.

Here's a list of some new aspects of Version 4:

  • High quality video, with support for alpha channel and a full 16bit data path. Fully resolution and frame–rate independent, with full support for UHD and beyond
  • Full support for audio, with support for more than 64 channels of floating point audio, at all sample–rates
  • Support for extensible meta–data and time–stamps
  • Fully integrated high efficiency integrated audio and video codecs allowing use within remote and wireless environments
  • Support for plug–and–play device discovery or the use of a discovery server
  • Unicast and multicast support, allowing use on local networks or cloud environments. Multi–path modes allow bandwidth to be spread across parallel network connections
  • Record virtually unlimited numbers of channels of NDI® with negligible CPU usage, including full support for 16bpp support, alpha channel and unlimited audio channels. All recordings are full synchronized – even across machines – to allow easy multicamera editing
  • Full suite of tools, including video source monitoring, recording, desktop capture, full IP based KVM, test pattern generation, and many more
  • New iOS apps that transform these devices into full frame–rate, wireless UHD cameras
  • Downloadable free SDK that allows use within software applications. SDK for embedded devices that includes sample FPGA designs for encoding and decoding streams
  • Cross platform SDK

Read the original release here!

Learn more about NewTek here!

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