NewTek NDI Workflow Tutorial: TriCaster and NewBlueFX Titler Live

In this tutorial, our trainers share how to use NewTek NDI to send commands to other applications from a TriCaster® by using its command macro system. NDI is not just for media transport. The technology also carries metadata and communications. NDI is also bidirectional, sending and receiving from each enabled system or application. NewTek live production systems include extensive automation capability including a robust library of commands for nearly all functions. This includes the use of NDI to converse with other systems - they can speak and they can listen. Commands can be assembled into scripts, called “macros” and these macros are then used to execute complex sequences of actions with a single keypress on the control surface or keyboard, or with a mouse click in the UI. With NDI, we aren’t limited to just controlling NewTek production systems or software. We can extend this automation capability to other applications from other vendors that have a command system and support NDI. In this example, Kane Peterson, NewTek production workflow expert, sends commands to the broadcast graphics application NewBlueFX Titler Live, one of the many applications that has adopted NewTek NDI support. NewBlueFX uses NDI to send finished graphics and animations complete with alpha channel to TriCaster or NewTek IP Series for layering with video, so it is a video source. However, NewBlueFX also has implemented the ability to receive the application’s native commands via NDI.

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