NewTek NDIHX PTZ1 & PTZOptics PTZ Cameras Selected Videoguys Top Products of 2017 Video

Before we go into the individual products, let's talk about PTZ cameras in general. PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) robotic cameras allow you to shoot your video without a camera operator. This can save you thousands a year depending on how often your show runs. You can control the PTZ cameras via remote control, joystick control surface, or within your switching / mixing software. With the addition of NDI, PTZ cameras get taken to another level. Just plug them into a GigE network jack with PoE (Power over Ethernet) and you are good to go. No other cable to install. The video gets sent over the network, the camera gets powered by PoE, and you can control it over the network as well. Any NDI aware switcher or device on the network can see and control any NDI PTZ camera on the network!

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The NewTek PTZ NDI camera is a 1080p 60fps camera with 20x zoom. It costs $2,699 and delivers outstanding performance and the highest level of NDI integration, including tally lights and remote control / monitoring via web based interface. In addition to NDI connectivity you also get 3G-SDI and HDMI video output. PTZ Optics 1080p 30 fps PTZ cameras start at $1599 for 12x and $1699 for 20x. They are available with USB & HDMI or SDI & HDMI video output and they are available in your choice of gray or white. You can upgrade any Gen2 model to NDI with a $300 firmware upgrade. This means that you can buy a PTZ Optics camera and NDI for under $2K! That's a tremendous value!!

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