Newtek & Panasonic Bust NDI Myths

NewTek has released a wide variety of live videos teaching their users about their gear, and NDI. We believe one of their recent shows to be particularly relevant and helpful to users working in the NDI Space. Check it out below!

In this session, Liam Hayter from NewTek and Dean Offord from Panasonic take on the roles of ‘Myth-busters’ by covering some of key queries that often arise with NDI®, as well as covering some of the latest developments in NDI® workflows including announcements from NAB 2020

Since the inception of NDI®, both NewTek and Panasonic have worked together extensively, with the aim of supporting high-quality video and audio capture with extremely low levels of latency, as well as saving set-up time, and supporting easier installations.


This live session happened on May 14, and it is now available on demand at NewTekTV

Learn more about NewTek HERE.

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