Newtek Provides a Low Cost 3-Camera Production Recipe

Low-Cost-3-Camera-Shoot-1 (1)In this excellent white paper the folks over at NewTek give you a great foundation for making low cost 3-camera productions. Of course the TriCaster Mini is a key component. Starting at just $5,995 it's the cornerstone of the production. They also give you some great advice about choosing the right cameras, tripods, lighting and more on a tight budget. Give it a read.
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The most basic online video production is a lecture or webinar – one guy in front of a camera, perhaps with slides or graphics. Universities, hospitals, corporations and even garage mechanics are making these shows and many are making money. But audiences are starting to demand more quality. Soon, multi-cameras, animated graphics and remote video reporting – the domain of network TV, not YouTube or Vimeo – will be the benchmark that will define success in online video.

All of this might sound far beyond your financial capability to achieve, but not so. You can easily surf this new wave simply by drastically downsizing the equipment. And that’s just what TV networks did after decades of monopolizing the business. Here’s how you can be big – by getting small.

There’s a simple solution to acquiring the “network control center” totality of a streaming video switcher in one box and the price ($5,995) is about the total cost of all the cobbled together solutions that ruled the streaming web business of just 5 years ago. The NewTek, TriCaster Mini HD-4 allows you to connect up to 4 cameras simultaneously, color-correct the cameras, separate the embedded audio from each camera’s onboard microphones and live mix them, and dedicate each camera’s output to resizable icons on your connected monitor. In addition to the four cameras (resolutions up to 1080/30p), you can employ12 additional switcher channels of audio/video from almost any source, from a thumb drive to Mac, PC the screen of which can share real estate with the Mini. Want a remote from the field? You have two network sources which can use IP sources, an iPad, or AirPlay and other devices to bring the feed right in to your program. read more...

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