We're doing a video round-up here of 3 helpful videos created by NewTek (click here to like their channel) on their new NDI|HX PTZ1 Camera, ideal for IP video production. If you are looking to stream events and have limited lines in to your production equipment, adding NDI-ready cameras is a great solution, or using the NewTek Connect Sparks to convert your HDMI or SDI camera to deliver your video wirelessly. The NewTek NDI® PTZ1 Camera is the first professional remote controlled camera that only needs one cable for operation. Video, audio, control, tally and power are all connected over a single ethernet cable making equipment setup quick and easy. This PTZ or Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera can be controlled using any NDI enabled production system or application. Advanced camera controls can be accessed through a simple web broswer. Using the included NDI Studio Monitor application, you can control the camera and view the full resolution output and Iso Record the output on any Windows or Mac computer.

Video 1)

Video 2)

Video 3)

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