NewTek Releases Groundbreaking NDI IP Tech

The newest and coolest from NewTek is here in the form of ther NDI | HX line of IP production gear! These 3 new products, Connect Spark (HDMI or SDI) and NDIHX PTZ1 Camera, will help consumers move more easily into video over IP using WiFi or ethernet. Available for pre order on

NewTek NDI | HX...Not only is NewTek releasing a new version of their NDI technology, NDI version 3, they are also releasing a PTZ camera with built in NDI capabilities and the Connect Spark, a portable device designed to transmit HDMI and SDI signals to a computer or an IP network, wirelessly....

...Imagine being able to plug in any video source to a network attached Connect Spark and have it be available to anyone on the network. This could be what makes NewTek’s product as revolutionary as tapeless recording.. ..[continue reading]

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