Newtek’s Dr. Andrew Cross on NDI 5

Dr. Andrew Cross was recently interviewed by in an article written up by Russell Trafford-Jones.

You can also check out the article by Key Code Media here!

NDI has been a major innovation since its announcement back in 2015. Videoguys has been leading the way in promoting this amazing and easy to use technology to help bring live production to the next level with fewer cables and less lag. But not just live production has been hugely benefited with NDI Technology, but also the realm of ProAV in general be it sharing screens, live integration, or even remote workflows. 

Videoguys love NDI so much, we devoted an entire month to the topic in 2020! You can check out our webinars here!

Key Code Media sat down with Dr. Andrew Cross to talk about the upcoming NDI 5. 

"NDI 5.0 brings with it improvements in multi-platform support including native support for Apple Silicon. 5.0 also includes plugins for any program to share its audio over NDI as well as a way of sharing a link to get someone to share their video and audio by NDI," explained Russell Trafford-Jones in his article. 

Big changes with NDI 5 start with an addition of "reliable UDP" and "NDI Bridge." SO now NDI signals can be sent over lossy networks making it much easier to recover lost data and better manage bogged down networks. NDI Bridge also will let people share NDI connections from different locations seamlessly. These are HUGE additions to the NDI world. 

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Dr. Andrew Cross answers the hard questions from Key Code Media's Jeff Sengpiehl. Check out the video above to learn more! 

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