NewTek Ships SpeedEDITâ„¢ Version 1.5

SpeededitLatest update to award-winning video editor improves workflow and broadens feature set; available free to current SpeedEDIT owners. San Antonio, Texas – Novermber 12, 2007 -- NewTek, Inc.,manufacturer of industry-leading video and 3D animation products, today announced the availability of SpeedEDITâ„ ¢ version 1.5, the latest upgrade to its award-winning resolution independent video editor designed to allow video producers unrivaled editing creativity and speed for all projects, including DV, HDV or uncompressed video. This version builds upon the industry's fastest workflow, providing innovative new tools, improving file format support, speeding up workflow and dramatically improving integration with other video applications by allowing SpeedEDIT projects to be imported directly into almost any other application without time consuming rendering. SpeedEDIT version 1.5 is currently available for $495 USD, and is being offered as a free update to current SpeedEDIT owners. “SpeedEDIT 1.5 builds upon our position of making the process of video editing faster and more enjoyable than ever before by further refining key components of workflow,† said Mike Watkins, NewTek’s lead software engineer for SpeedEDIT. “Of particular note is our introduction of technology that allows project files to be used directly in any application that can read an AVI file, bypassing the time consuming rendering steps that are traditionally required.† New SpeedEDIT 1.5 capabilities include:< †¢ An AVI-Wrapper and Pegasys TMPGEnc plug-in allow SpeedEDIT projects to be used within external applications without any rendering to intermediate files. †¢ Microsoft Windows Media Video 11 file writing upgraded to support VBR and multi-pass encoding. †¢ Enhanced VST plug-in with support for program presets. †¢ Additional rendering presets for web video files. †¢ New video effects. Numerous performance and workflow upgrades include: †¢ Dramatic improvements in both rendering quality and speed for high definition projects. †¢ Added robustness and error detection when printing to tape. †¢ Enhanced Targa Sequence support. †¢ Greater responsiveness on numerous operations, including transport control, marker insertion and more. †¢ Increased manipulation and workflow of project and local markers. †¢ Improved support for NewTek VT card as a preview and output device.

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