NewTek Ships TriCaster STUDIO

Breakthrough technology includes live, multi-channel virtual sets with unprecedented realism for broadcast and web stream producers

San Antonio, TX – July 26, 2007 -- NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading video and 3D animation products, today announced the shipment of TriCaster STUDIOâ„ ¢, a turnkey portable, live production and virtual set system which provides a whole new level of capability to video and live event producers. The combination of portability and ease of set-up with the extensive live production capabilities of TriCaster STUDIO allows video producers to broadcast and web stream events and content at levels previously considered prohibitive.

"TriCaster makes it easy to produce, without the expense of a full truck and crew. And it gives fans the chance to see games they wouldn't see otherwise," says Clark Pierce, Fox Sports VP of Emerging Technology. "TriCaster will let us produce remote broadcasts where it normally wouldn't be fiscally viable."

TriCaster STUDIO provides all of the capabilities of a live remote production truck including: component video, balanced audio, 6 video inputs and advanced switching features, live virtual sets, multiple upstream effects, dual virtual VCR's and more in a 16lb, low impact footprint. TriCaster STUDIO makes it possible to cover live events and broadcast or stream from locations where the use of remote truck facilities are not feasible.

Virtual Sets The proprietary virtual set system in TriCaster STUDIO, LiveSetâ„ ¢ allows separate virtual sets to be assigned independently to all 6 camera inputs and the dual integrated VCR's. In addition, each input has an independent LiveMatteâ„ ¢ module eliminating the need for expensive hardware for each source to be connected to the system. Each virtual set supports virtual cameras with multiple angles and zoom levels with support for secondary video sources such as reflections, refractions and bump maps.

"With TriCaster STUDIO we have introduced LiveSetâ„ ¢, a truly revolutionary technology that allows us to implement multi-channel virtual sets with unprecedented realism and video quality," said Andrew Cross, NewTek Sr. VP of Software Engineering. "This proprietary technology integrated into a live production environment fundamentally changes the tools available to anyone producing video."

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