NewTek starts another TV production revolution with the TriCaster Mini

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Newtek has just announced the TriCaster Mini. It's a self-contained version of their TriCaster Live Production System that has HDMI inputs instead of HDSDI, and which, in one, small, self-contained box (no need for a host computer) has all the software you need to create network-quality TV shows and record or stream them live.

We think this is a very big deal because video communication (ie using video to get your message across) is about to explode. It's by far the most effective way to engage viewers, and with the abundance of ways to distribute video (streaming to phones and tablets, for example) it's never been a better time for a product like this.

The TriCaster Mini is for people who want to add video content and live streaming but who don't produce video for a living and who don't have the "language" of broadcasting.

TriCaster lowers barriers

Newtek's TriCaster has lowered barriers to live (and live-style) TV production since its introduction in 2005. It's probably fair to say that it has revolutionized live TV production and, as it has matured, it has continued to add features that are relevant and necessary to create modern-looking TV programs. Today it's an extremely impressive product, and anyone who hasn't seen it for a while is likely to be blown away by the feature set.

With it you can create live TV shows that look like they've come from a network TV studio, complete with titles, backgrounds, animations, transitions and literally everything else you need to make a convincing-looking TV program. read more...

Introducing the NewTek TriCaster Mini!
Click here for Videoguys' Guide to the NewTek TriCaster Mini HDMI Production Studio

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