NewTek Talks Out-Of-Box Virtual Set

The Broadcast Bridge by Adrian Pennington Virtual_Set_skybox-templateThe interest and use of virtual sets are on the increase especially in show formats where there are one or two presenters. The need for more content is something that producers are acutely aware of and in places that are limited on physical space, virtual is really the only option available. This is especially true in smaller market news stations, independent productions and developing countries. The push to serve this segment will certainly be shown at NAB and NewTek, with its TriCaster, is among those with the most complete live production platform for the cost. TheBroadcastBridge talks with NewTek’s Senior Video Specialist, Will Waters ahead of the show. What is the biggest challenge in blending real and virtual elements on set? Will Waters: Difficulties arise when trying to match the camera image in the virtual environment. The objective is to frame the real subject with the proper perspective and scale of the virtual elements. While subtle, those differences can fatigue the viewer and increase the opportunity for distractions. Interactions in the virtual environment are expected to parallel real world references. In TriCaster, we have provided the user with tools to help frame the talent within the out-of-box virtual sets. Using these as examples, a user could then create their own with these elements in mind. What are some of the best approaches to designing with AR in mind? Will Waters: Any virtual environment will benefit from a design that respects the physics of the real world. The tools available today allow for many creative elements to be inserted into a video production environment, but the viewer will always be referencing what they see in the real world. Virtual sets can be incredibly eye-catching and enhance video production value, as long as the attention to detail provides a consistency to our everyday experiences. read more...

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