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Live Skype interviews that look great - and sound amazing

If you?re a broadcaster, live production pro, or event producer who wants to include more experts, interviews, and correspondents in your program, you no longer have to spend big budgets on live shots, truck uplinks and heavily equipped video crews?or waste time coordinating on-location interviews and low-quality phone recordings. Millions of remote guests for your show are now just a video call away.

NewTek TalkShow, the turnkey solution that delivers live Skype video calls in broadcast-ready, full-frame HD, is the only video calling production system that integrates everything you need for professional-grade video calling into a single interface in your control room? leaving your host to focus on the conversation, and leaving nothing to chance in the field.

But TalkShow does more than just connect great-looking Skype calls. It allows you to transform every call with a complete set of studio-grade capabilities, enhancing behind-the-scenes control and communication and allowing the operator to refine call picture and sound quality with professional tools?just like any other in-studio source.

At a glance

  • Broadcast-style video from regular
    Skype calls?

    with automatic aspect ratio conversion and balanced audio?and without requiring a scan converter
  • Access to 300 million monthly connected
    Skype users?

    and anyone else who downloads and signs up for the standard desktop client on any supported device
  • Distraction-free conversations, with no
    on-screen interruptions?

    such as pop-ups, ads or dialog boxes. Unlike
    consumer calling software, TalkShow keeps
    technical management separate from face-to-face communication
  • Industry-standard 1RU chassis and
    HD-SDI I/O ?

    with embedded audio for streamlined, single- or multiunit installation and integration into any established switcher workflow
  • Video and audio over IP?
    with built-in AirSend technology to network with TriCaster or 3Play, plus fully integrated Dante audio support
  • Real-time video production tools?
    including proc amp controls and auto color correction to adjust image attributes, compensate for lighting conditions, and enhance call video quality
  • Audio quality enhancement?
    with built-in compressor/limiter tools, gain control, graphic equalizer, and VU metering to maintain consistent call volume and prevent audio clipping
  • Full-bandwidth call recording?
    to external USB 3.0 or SAN storage for postproduction, archive, or delayed use


  • Turnkey solution that integrates multiple production components for control over every aspect of your Skype video calls: Avoid the uncertainty and complexity of chaining together multiple components, and the hassle of coordinating and executing satellite feeds or microwave relays, while putting control of quality, image, sound, communication, recording and workflow at your fingertips.
  • Optimized for broadcast: Skype TX software dramatically improves upon the consumergrade, free Skype client to deliver full-frame HD video and balanced audio. TalkShow further adds exclusive studio-grade tools and capabilities, to ensure even higher-quality video calls, a more professional workflow, and a broadcast-quality viewing experience.
  • Delivers the high-quality video and audio that broadcasters demand:In addition to processing Skype video calls in distraction-free, broadcast-ready HD, TalkShow is the only video calling production system that allows broadcasters to manage all aspects of a live Skype video call in the control room?just like any other video source?including picture adjustments and audio enhancements.
  • Removes typical video calling limitations: TalkShow is a fully integrated, professional system, simplifying the video calling workflow and enhancing call quality, while eliminating the interruptions that typically interfere with and detract from video calls.
  • Simple to implement: Anyone with any SDI video switcher and an Internet connection can use TalkShow to route Skype video calls into a live show. A turnkey hardware/software solution with industry-standard video and audio connections, it plugs directly into virtually any production workflow?with no specialized networking tools, ENG equipment, or proprietary software required.
  • Reduces equipment requirements, setup time and operational costs: TalkShow helps you stay on budget by minimizing field production and travel expenses?conserving time, resources, and manpower spent coordinating and performing live shots.
  • Enhances over-the-network production workflows: TalkShow provides support for IP workflows in the following ways:
    • TriCaster or 3Play environments: When connected to the same local network, TalkShow can route Skype video calls into the NET inputs of TriCaster or 3Play, and receive return video and audio from TriCaster or 3Play network outputs?conserving SDI connections for other sources. TalkShow will also receive tally notification from other NewTek systems over the network indicating when the video call is on air.
    • Dante audio environments: TalkShow can interface with audio devices utilizing the Dante networking protocol from Audinate? when connected to the same local network.


Click here to learn more about the TalkShow Advantage and to read our complete TalkShow FAQ

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