Videomaker by Russ Fairley NewTek (link is external) last week announced that their broadcast video calling system, TalkShow VS-100, is now shipping. TalkShow is a tool enabling broadcasters and producers to integrate video feed from any Skype user using any Skype-enabled device seamlessly with any live production. The Skype pool of users sits at around 300 million. TalkShow is a turnkey system building upon Microsoft (link is external)’s Skype (link is external) TX software for initiating, receiving, monitoring and managing video calls. Above those features, the TalkShow system adds a set of live production tools such as call recording not found in other systems of this kind. “TalkShow and Skype TX allow producers to fundamentally change the way shows are made by taking audience participation to a whole new level,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and chief technology officer at NewTek. “Newsrooms with immediate access to experts the world over, fans interacting live with their favorite sports teams, game shows with live video participants, corporate meetings with live executives from remote offices, guest professors from across the globe appearing in classrooms — the potential is beyond the imagination and I personally can’t wait to see it.” The low cost, 1RU integrated hardware and software solution is broadcast ready, offering two channels of HD-SDI I/O (1 in, 1 out), dual channel Ethernet connectivity, SDI-embedded audio and professional XLR audio support. read more...

NewTek TalkShow


NewTek TalkShow - IN STOCK! Live Skype interviews that look great - and sound amazing

If you’re a broadcaster, live production pro, or event producer who wants to include more experts, interviews, and correspondents in your program, you no longer have to spend big budgets on live shots, truck uplinks and heavily equipped video crews—or waste time coordinating on-location interviews and low-quality phone recordings. Millions of remote guests for your show are now just a video call away.

NewTek TalkShow, the turnkey solution that delivers live Skype video calls in broadcast-ready, full-frame HD, is the only video calling production system that integrates everything you need for professional-grade video calling into a single interface in your control room— leaving your host to focus on the conversation, and leaving nothing to chance in the field. But TalkShow does more than just connect great-looking Skype calls. It allows you to transform every call with a complete set of studio-grade capabilities, enhancing behind-the-scenes control and communication and allowing the operator to refine call picture and sound quality with professional tools—just like any other in-studio source.

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