NewTek Talkshow & Skype takes The Real News Network to the next level

IMG_0900With the addition of NewTek Talkshow to their existing TriCaster based live news productions The Real News Network (TRNN) can leverage SkypeTX to bring in video and audio from all over the world. Beforee TalkShow they had to deal with issues like audio sync, changing resolutions and even freezing screens. Thanks to NewTek TalkShow and SkypeTX, these are a thing of the past.
NewTek Blogs by Allie Gavette Real News Network Skypes In Voice of the Common Man

“The voice of the common man.”

That is the identity Paul Jay wanted for his news network. No advertising, government or corporate funding.

Seven years ago, Jay founded The Real News Network (TRNN) as a nonprofit online news network in Toronto. Today, they operate out of the largest soundstage in Baltimore. Their niche is local, national, and international news stories that aren’t covered by the major networks. Many of their interviews involve remote guests, who must be interviewed virtually. Technical issues like frozen screens, inconsistent resolutions, and limited bandwidth were a constant headache, so Chris DeMillo, Studio Manager at TRNN, decided it was time for an upgrade.

When TRNN started picking up steam in Toronto, Jay wanted to bring his company to a new city that had more social and economic turmoil but didn’t have a lot of independent journalism. There were other cities in consideration and Baltimore won out.

TRNN mainly does commentary on international news and Baltimore local news, while trying to stay as unbiased as possible. They receive no corporate funding or advertising, funding is all donor-based. Because of this, they enjoy having more freedom to provide information that isn’t censored by higher-ups, advertisers, or clients. read more...

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