NewTek TalkShow Tutorial: Adding Remote Guests Via Skype

BoxToBroadcast_Part2_001_modTalkShowcomp002bNewTek TalkShow allows you to bring Skype based video into your live prodcution at broadcast quality. Developed with Microsoft to fully leverage their Skype TX technology, TalkShow is perfect for conducting live interviews and bringing in remore guests to your prodcution. In this tutorial NewTek shows you how easy and effective TalkShow is to install and use.

How To Add Remote Guests Into A Live Broadcast Using NewTek TalkShow & Skype

“There’s been an enormous explosion in the growth of participatory television.” That is an appropriate lead statement in From Box to Broadcast, a 4-part video tip series created by our friends at Skype in Media orienting producers to the benefits and basics of the Skype TX controller used in NewTek TalkShow. The simplicity of Skype video over the Internet created a platform to add remote guests without requiring expensive satellite feeds. But Skype wasn’t necessarily created with live broadcasting in mind. Skype TX software addresses broadcasters concerns and products like TalkShow turn it into a professional-grade solution that makes it a must-have component in any live production studio. Part 1 covers the benefits of the new workflow, integrating remote guests into your show anywhere, anytime, to creates a new, wildly interactive television experience. Part 2 covers installation, setup, connecting to your broadcast workflow and your network, audio options and more. You’ll also learn how to make your first call. Read the blog entry for Parts 1 and 2: Introduction to Skype TX Part 3 provides a look at the functions and controls available in Skype TX controller – from previewing calls to diagnosing quality issues both locally and on the caller’s system, and more. Part 4 covers the common issues you may encounter with video from your callers, and what you need to tell them to solve these issues and get the best possible look for your call-in guests. Read the blog entry for Parts 3 and 4: Skype TX controller — putting you in driving seat

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