Newtek TC-1 Provides Hurricane-Force Productions at the U of Miami

As a university with a large and active sports program, the University of Miami's Athletic Department has a high functioning, professional video production services team. The School's sports team, the Miami Hurricanes compete in the Atlantic Coast Conference, and broadcast their games on ESPN College Extra and ESPN3. These broadcasts are produced by mainly students, from UM's School of Communication.

One major facet used by UM's video production team is the NewTek TriCaster TC1. The multi camera production system helps the team pull in multiple camera feeds in real time, and creates a virtual set with online graphics. The TC1 is frequently used for shows at the Watsco Center on the schools Coral Gables campus for men and women's basketball.

In addition to the TC1 being a mainstay in the production teams arsenal, NewTek's presence at UM also expands to other areas. Events at the main campus' Alex Rodriguez Park and Mark Light Field, are broadcasted using the TriCaster TC410.

Most productions at the university feed their camera signals using a NewTek NC1 Studio I/O Module, which converts to NewTek's NDI networked video and control over IP protocol.

“We did the entire in-game for men’s and women’s basketball using the NC1. We use it essentially as an NDI router. It’s saved us a couple of times. The way our control room is set up, I don’t think it was possible to do the broadcast without the NC1, just because of the nature of how flexible it is for us. It’s very robust. We would had to have bought a lot more equipment, repeaters and relays and essentially duplicating video signal just to get it to the right location. The fact that the NC1 can convert from NDI to SDI as well as SDI to NDI is also huge. A replay operator at one facility can pull replays from anywhere because of the NC1. If there’s multiple events going on, we essentially use the NC1 as a bad-ass router.”

Anthony Lestochi, Manager, Video Production Services, UM
The NC1 Studio I/O takes up to 8 video sources and converts them to SDI or NDI for input and output

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