NewTek TriCaster, 3Play & NDI Workflow is an eSports Winner!

eSports and eGaming have become more in more popular in the past few years, and are now one major use case for live streaming technology. Recently, eGaming Producer: LocalGames found themselves depending on NewTek to help them navigate the Covid-19 pandemic.

NewTek provided the ultimate streaming solution for mid pandemic and the post pandemic world.   LocalGames used a TriCaster Mini 4K as their new streaming solution.  This was an excellent choice because this complete production system is compact, powerful and still easy to use.  It also fits right at home in more complex productions.  

"We are competing against traditional production companies with traditional workflows for these production jobs.  With their old technology, their end-product is very expensive compared to ours, and ours is much more versatile because the workflow is already designed to stream. That’s one reason we’re as successful as we are.” 
-Bernabe Pizurnia, CEO, LocaLGames

3Play was also an important piece of the puzzle.  Replay is an important piece of eSports, as with any live sports production.  LocaLGames uses NewTek's 3Play to produce replay for their gaming programs. 

“Between matches we can lose up to 60% of our audience.  So it’s a challenge to come up with unique, fun content for the audience to enjoy in those few minutes between matches. That’s the time when we can use our 3Play to do replays. Our audience is like a community and between matches we try to engage them, encourage participation, and allow them to become part of the show. In that way, we hope to extend their viewership and expose them to the client’s message for longer periods of time.”

-Bernable Pizurnia, CEO, LocaLGames

Check out the full article from NewTek to Learn More. 


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