Newtek TriCaster 2 Elite & LiveU Enable 5G Remote Production at IBC

At IBC 2020, NewTek and LiveU were able to utilize new technology to initiate a remote live production in 5G. NewTek paired the new TriCaster 2 Elite with LiveU's cellular bonding encoders to take advantage of 5G connectivity, at a sophisticated, high level. This kind of streaming goes beyond smartphones, and is potentially game changing, with the business aspect of 5G and streaming with Non-Public Networks.

It is also worth nothing that the TriCaster 2 Elite is a cutting edge production system from NewTek, that is only distributed by NewTek, at special approval. However, it is certainly worth following the latest advancements and products coming out of teams using this production system.

NewTek recently posted a great article, talking about utilizing 5G acceleration with the TriCaster 2 Elite. The article outlines some great highlights from that workflow.

“The Accelerator programme was a framework put together by the IBC to facilitate innovation and in particular collaboration between broadcasters, studios and other content providers.  There are many challenges affecting the sector–transformation to IP for production workflows, disruptive technologies like AI, or new distribution networks that are coming online like 5G and others.”
-Mark Smith, leading the programme at IBC

Everyone involved in the meeting worked remotely without ever being in the same room.  The first trial run was a live stream in front of other members of the broadcasting community, to ensure the 5G networks were working within the workflow.  

Check out the full article detailing this workflow, here. 

Learn more about NewTek HERE.

Learn more about LiveU HERE.

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