NewTek TriCaster 460 and NDI in the classroom: Election Day TV Coverage

NewTek has posted a fantastic article about a Pittsburgh high school covering the election and using the TriCaster 460, including Advanced Edition software with NDI technology. If you are a school or institution, you'll gain a glimpse into what a school is doing right with this broadcasting technology! On Videoguys, we have special TriCaster Mini bundles available (including academic versions) that combine TriCaster Minis and Advanced Edition software and for a limited time TriCaster 460 with Control Surface includes a FREE installation of TriCaster Advanced Edition software!
For several years, the television production classes at Penn-Trafford have been using a TriCaster 460 to produce their regularly-scheduled school newscasts, but a scant three days before the school’s mock-election, thanks to Vinton and Brezler, the production students discovered they were able to utilize NewTek’s NDI to go live from anywhere in the school district. For the students at Penn-Trafford, discovering NDI was an eye-opening experience... “NDI has changed everything for us,” Vinton says. “And we’re only scratching the surface. My mind races with all the things we can incorporate into our curriculum, into my classes, and into our projects. It’s going to be incredible how we can use this new technology to tell a better story, report from here or there. I can’t wait until we can actually go off this property and do live hits from another building.”...[continue reading on NewTek blog]

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