NewTek TriCaster 460 Promotional Bundle with Advanced Edition Software and 860 Control Surface


Buy a TriCaster 460 with Advanced Edition Software before 12/31/15 & get a FREE Upgrade to the TriCaster 860 Control Surface

NewTek TriCaster 460 Promotional Bundle with Advanced Edition and 860 Control Surface

This special bundle is available for a limited time only and includes:

  • NewTek TriCaster 460
  • NewTek TriCaster 460 Control Surface FREE Upgrade to 860 Control Surface
  • NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition Software

For a limited time only NewTek is upgrading all TriCaster 460 purchases with the TriCaster 860 control surface when you purchase it with the Advanced Edition Software. This is a $2,995 value!!

The NewTek TriCaster 860 is End of Sale and only available while supplies last. But when you upgrade the TriCaster 460 with the Advanced Edition Software and the TriCaster 860 Control Surface, you get all the features you need in an affordable TriCaster System without stepping up to the TriCaster 8000. If you need more inputs you can also add a TriCaster Mini with NewTek's new IP capabilities.

NewTek TriCaster Advanced

SAVINGS: $2,995 $14,995.00 +$1,495.00 +$7,995.00 $24,485.00 Now Only $21,490.00 Through 12/31/15

NewTek TriCaster 460 FG-000504-R001 - $14,995

An all-purpose, 4-camera video production systems scaled for smaller racksand mobile units. From live and on-demand programs that look infinitely bigger to engaging social and second-screen experiences, create multi-platform productions to open up more revenue opportunities and extend your brand.

Revolutionize your moderate-sized shows with:

  • 4-camera, 4-M/E 16-channel video switcher
  • Integrated audio mixer, media players, titles, graphics, and DVE effects
  • Versatile 2U rackmount frame
  • Either all-digital SDI I/O, or mix-and-match analog and digital SD/HD
  • Flexible I/O for production versatility.
  • Mix-and-match SDI and analog I/O Analog and digital output connections up to 11 max Removable drive bay & built-in Genlock
  • Full List of TriCaster460 Specs

NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition Software FG-001086-R001 -$1,495Area of Interest - TriCaster 860 - Advanced Edition 1.5.png

The latest version of TriCaster Advanced Edition provides TriCaster 460 owners with new, premium capabilities that elevate their systems to unprecedented levels of creativity, productivity and performance on par with TriCaster 8000. With the optional software installed, new and current TriCaster 460 owners can access features that have never before been available on those platforms, including M/E re-entry, 4-channel mix/effects layering, real-time motion tracking, and animation on 10 of their 15 buffers.

Router Support Expand camera coverage with any TriCaster Pro Line model (and even TriCaster Mini) by connecting to a compatible upstream video router, then selecting and switching between router sources directly from the user interface.

Switcher Inputs - Coming Soon! Available in Q4 Access more live sources with the number of external inputs on the switcher increasing from 6 to 8 for TriCaster 460 Available Q4. With no additional hardware needed, power up your productions with TriCaster Advanced Edition software. Unlock your TriCaster’s potential with more than 60 production-enabling capabilities that will push your shows way beyond expectations.

Maximum Sophistication Achieve all new levels of visual mastery from your TriCaster 860 or 460 with premium mix/effects and overlay capabilities never before available on NewTek’s core systems. Produce unbelievably sophisticated on-screen compositions that captivate audiences, stacking layer upon layer of submixes with M/E re-entry. Get more from your green screen, placing talent into elaborate virtual environments that support up to 4 simultaneous sources. And explore new titling and branding opportunities with 4 DSK overlays on the switcher and 4 KEY layers on each M/E — more than tripling the number of overlay effects channels available for every production.

NewTek TriCaster 860 Control Surface FG-000508-R001 -$7,995TriCaster860cs.png

Big live productions demand big-time control. Part of the complete TriCaster 860 solution and available as an optional add-on, the TriCaster 860 CS shines as a function-for-function companion. With an intuitive layout and familiar live production controls at your command, adding TriCaster 860 CS to your control room or live truck puts you in touch with your live production like never before.

  • Intuitive layout mapped directly to TriCaster Advanced Edition interface for maximum interaction
  • Full-featured workflow for optimal live production performance
  • Illuminated buttons for heightened visibility of control surface activity under any environmental lighting conditions
  • Premium T-Bar and three-axis joystick for precision control of effects, zooms and transitions
  • Seamless, simultaneous changeover of multiple production elements with versatile, multi-select delegate controls
  • Durable, ergonomic design for confident, comfortable performance
  • Dimensions: Surface - 28.5" x .05" x 10.8" (72.4 x 2.0 x 29.5cm) Base: 27.5" x 2.0" x 10.8" (69.9 x 5.1 x 27.4cm)

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