NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition Unlocks Powerful Features
TCAE_productpage_frame-1_cropWith the first update release of their TriCaster Advanced Edition software (ver 1.5) Newtek is giving their TriCaster 460 & 860 customers an improved features set that until now required the TriCaster 8000. Even cooler, if you already own teh TriCaster Advanced Edition software, yoyu will get this and future upgrades for free. This is a tremendous move by Newtek and it ensures that their custoemrs are always given the opportunity to access their most powerful feature sets. At IBC they leaked out affitional features that will be coming in the next version 2.0. Needless to say, if you own a Tricaster 460 or 860, the TriCaster Advanced Edition software is your next must have purchase.

New TriCaster Advanced Edition Update Benefits 860 and 460 Users

  • Mix/Effects (M/E) buttons now also appear on source selection rows and Key channel source menus inside the M/E panels, allowing you to use nested M/Es. This type of M/E, referred to as “reentrant”, is an exceptionally powerful feature, and one offering endless creative possibilities. A limitation is that you cannot use a given M/E as a source inside itself.
  • 4 Sources on Livesets
  • 4 Keys and 4 DSKs
  • 10 Animation Buffers
  • Edge Feathering
  • Effect View
  • Frame Sync
  • Tracking
  • Isolated inputs on audio outputs
  • Mirroring (860 only)
This update is free, by download, to existing NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition customers. New TriCaster Advanced Edition purchasers will be downloading this version at the time they purchase. Learn more about TriCaster Advanced Edition Download the TriCaster Advanced Edition Update (Advanced Edition License Required)
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