NewTek TriCaster and NDI Case Study: Harvard Streams 275 Athletic Events a Year

Here's an in-depth case study looking at the way the Director of Multimedia and Production at Harvard University Athletics employs NewTek TriCasters and NDI enabled technology to solve all kinds of production needs. Large productions, small productions, student run productions and more. This is a rich resource for any institution looking to scale or update their production hardware. From NewTek ....Running Across Campus

With easy-to-learn equipment in place, in 2017 Halevi made a change in the video technology running behind the scenes.

His goal was to centralize the production capabilities for all programs—small, medium and large. This would make it possible to add new sources to live productions, maximize equipment use across multiple locations, and increase production value even more.

But he still had constraints.

For one thing, connecting sites across the campus would be expensive. “It would have required us to lay down fiber, and that would have been financially limiting,” says Halevi.

The video equipment itself had physical I/O limits, so accommodating more hardware connections was logistically out of the question.

What’s more, his crew was made up of students and freelancers, not broadcast engineers. Expanding their workflows with gear and cabling would shift their game day focus to analyzing signals and troubleshooting connection failures.

But what Halevi did have was access to Harvard’s campus-wide Gigabit Ethernet network—and IP video enabled in his production systems, courtesy of NewTek NDI® technology for sending and receiving video over standard IP networks.

Using a combination of TriCaster’s built-in NDI support; 3Play’s ability to send replays over IP to TriCasters; and 3rd-party NDI integrations, Halevi’s crews could take any video source on the Harvard network and use it in their productions.

“We can now send and receive video feeds over our network, without any special equipment, or any additional thought during setup,” Halevi says....[continue reading]

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