NewTek TriCaster Case Study: Live Streaming Worship

NewTek just released a great article & video on their blog about a Presbyterian Church and how they’re utilizing the TriCaster TC1 systems to better reach their audience!

"Bidwell Presbyterian is working to ensure there is more than just one way for a church to serve its members. The church has many digital offerings, including a mobile app and live video of its services available to all – offerings that went from impressive to critical during the COVID-19 global pandemic," wrote Melanie Crandall (author of the original blog post). 

While Bidwell is using the high end TC1 to broadcast all of their content, NewTek offers an assortment of smaller and more streamlined versions of the TriCaster. The three we highly reccomend are:

Videoguys did a video breaking down the differences between each version of the TriCaster Minis. 

These video switchers and encoders will help our house of worship reach younger and new audiences not just from your local area, but from across the country! They can stream line your production to help out with social distancing. They can truly modernize your congregation and bring it to the next level! We can't recommend these systems enough! 

Learn more about what Bidwell did here!

Learn more about NewTek here!


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