NewTek TriCaster Mini, 3Play Mini and Academic Specials

TC Minis
NewTek TriCaster Mini

If you have ever wanted to create and publish video, stream live to the Web, or make even the smallest presentation look like network television—then you are going to love TriCaster Mini.

Whether you are new to video, adding or expanding media production activities, or searching for a practical way to produce a multi-camera video program, no other solution will get you where you want to be like TriCaster Mini. From the streamlined design to the familiar cable connections, getting your content online and in front of your audience so beautifully has never been faster or easier.

But don’t let the size and simplicity fool you. TriCaster Mini delivers the power, performance and professional-quality results that NewTek is known for and that you won’t get anywhere else.

Starting at $5,995.00 Buy-Now-button Academic Versions available at the same price with included Virtual Set Editor & LiveText Software
NewTek 3Play Mini
NewTek 3Play Mini

Sports video producers can deliver a top-level fan experience from any location with the ultra-portable 3Play Mini. With instant replay, hi-resolution slow motion replay, transitions, high-end graphics, and more, the 3Play Mini live sports production suite is as powerful as it is portable.

Create audience-engaging coverage with a multi-camera replay and slow-motion system that fits in a backpack and captures all the action, wherever it’s happening. With 3Play Mini, home court advantage is yours!

  • Produce instant replays, super-resolution slow motion, highlights, and more
  • Add pro-level transitions and graphics into your programs
  • Do much more than expensive replay systems for a fraction of the price—and size
  • Plug into a switcher or video board and serve up every angle of excitement
  • Control via a Web browser—just use a mobile device; no bulky hardware controller or additional cabling to pack
  • Save time with a quick and easy set up
  • Hand-carry size makes even the smallest or most extreme venues accessible
$9,995.00 Buy-Now-button

NewTek Tricaster Academic Special

ATTN SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES: More than $1,000 in FREE Software with NewTek Tricaster Academic Purchase FREE Virtual Set Editor and LiveText now through July 31, 2015
For a limited time only, schools and universities who purchase an academic version of any TriCaster Professional System; including the TriCaster Mini, TirCaster 410, 460, 860 or 8000 will receive free, downloadable versions of Virtual Set Editor and LiveText - a $1,190.00 value! Offer good only through July 31, 2015 If you are interested in purchasing a NewTek TriCaster system for your school please call us at 800-323-2325 and ask to speak with one of our Academic specialists. We can help answer your questions, schedule an online product demo, or even refer you to one of our dealers in your local area!

NewTek TriCaster Professional Production Systems are the perfect turnkey solutions for schools

With TriCaster, you're free to share school news, sports events and other activities—quickly and easily. It's easy to learn and operate. One person or a small team. Broadcast or webcast the action. Stream live to the Web. Deliver to projector. Record for future viewing. Do it all. All at once. TriCaster gives you the freedom and the power to deliver your school's activities to family, friends and fans. Higher learning – it's more affordable than you think

Educators can optimize students' live production experience with:

• Systems small enough to fit in a backpack for on-the-go production • Multi-camera live switching • Audio mixing, with real-time output to video • Video layers, Titling, Slow motion and other special effects • TriCaster live virtual sets to deliver network-style programming from a limited space • Easy-to-learn operation

In today's digital world, integrating live production into your school's curriculum is a must. Educators can add deep, multi-layered elements to traditional learning. And students learn valuable technological and multi-disciplinary skills. They also develop team-building techniques, collaborative abilities, and contribute to the overall school message by producing student news, sports, and other activities.

NewTek Virtual Set Editor
NewTek Virtual Set Editor Customize live virtual sets to enhance every program, captivate your viewers, and dramatically raise your production value. And, with the included Animation Store Creator, you can easily prepare gorgeous transitions with embedded full color animation to create shows that are so mesmerizing, and sets so stunning, viewers are glued to their screens. Reg. $695.00 NewTek LiveText NewTek LiveText with Datalink Build titles and graphics on any laptop or computer and send over the network to any TriCaster portable live production system. Make your production pop with network-style scrolls, crawls, title pages and lower thirds. And use the integrated DataLink application to display real-time data with instant updates. Scores, times, prices, countdown clocks and more. Add another set of hands. Share the workload. Go team. Reg $495.00 FREE with any Pro TriCaster Academic
TriCaster 410 with 460 Control Surface
NewTek TriCaster 410 with TriCaster 460 Control Surface (Academic)

TriCaster 410 delivers live to air, display, stream, record, and social media network all at the same time. Its mobile, 2U form factor provides uncluttered I/O in any combination of resolutions and frame rates, trims the workflow and the equipment expenditure to fit your live business, and slims down on the post-production extras.

Academic $14,495.00 Buy-Now-button

Also available ala carte (without the control surface) for $9,495.00

NewTek TriCaster 460
NewTek TriCaster 460 with Control Surface (Academic)

The most versatile and extensive of the mobile-scale multi-camera video solutions, TriCaster 460's any-format, any-resolution, any frame-rate I/O and amped-up production capabilities let you connect any camera, access any available video source, and go live from locations you've only imagined. And, with 3D and holographic sets, you can go live from virtually any world.

Academic $19,495.00 Buy-Now-button

Also available ala carte (without the control surface) for $14,495.00

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