Newtek TriCaster Mini for AV Conferencing with Timer and XKeys Control

NewTek's posted an article with a glimpse at using the TriCaster Mini in a typical AV setup in a conference room. This is helpful, since this is exactly one of the setups the TriCaster Mini was designed for. You can watch a demo of the Timer function and a demo of how the TriCaster can distribute control to other devices. Did you know the TriCaster Mini's now come with Advanced Edition software? There are also special TriCaster Mini bundles now available are ready for IP Video, including 2 Connect Sparks or 2 NDIHX PTZ Cameras. Bundle & Save! Check them out, here. From
"...TriCaster Mini setups can be substantially more flexible and make more sources available with ease. This demo is a TriCaster Mini running Standard Edition software. That allows four hardware inputs (HDMI in this case, but there is also an SDI model) and two network inputs, Net1 and Net2. TriCaster Advanced Edition is standard on TriCaster Mini models as of January 2018, and allows for eight inputs, but if you choose, up to all eight can be NDI network inputs. And any NDI source on the network is available and can be selected for any given input, so that’s up to eight at a time from an unlimited number of online resources...." [continue reading]

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