NewTek TriCaster Mini case study: Streaming Live Skype Interviews

Here's how Lon Seidman shoots interviews on the channel using my Tricaster Mini and Skype.

In this video Lon details how he brings in callers via Skype and communicate with them through the Tricaster. It involves using a computer for the call, which is connected to an HDMI to USB adapter. on uses a Magewell USB capture device. We recommend the Epiphan as a more rugged, reliable and stable choice. This is yet another video in his production series where he details how he does things on the channel. You can see more at Lon Seidman’s Lon Reviews Tech Youtube Channel has over 80,000 subscribers and growing. Among his popular features are the “behind-the-scenes” videos that demonstrate how he produces quality shows as a one-person crew working both sides of the camera. In this video, he shows how he conducts live interviews, operating a TriCaster Mini for switching, graphics and streaming as he is also on-camera conducting the interview. He makes use of the TriCaster automation capabilities, including the ability to save profile templates for particular types of shows that include presets for the M/E buses, media players, graphics players and other resources.

A couple of links you may find useful:

Here is the NewTek TriCaster to YouTube Live white paper Lon mentions in the video: TriCaster to YouTube Live workflow

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