NewTek TriCaster Mini HD-4 pack a full live production truck into a small computer

338-C5-TriCaster-mini-primaryChad Fransen is the Pastor of Orchard Church in Chico, California. He uses video to deliver messages through work, social media and the internet. In this review for Videomaker he talks about the power and performance NewTek packs into the small portable TriCaster Mini form factor. Even more importantly even a novice can run it!
Videomaker by Chad Fransen If you’ve never been inside a live production truck like I have, it is fascinating! I’ll never watch live TV the same way. The producer is barking out commands and orchestrating a team of people to create a broadcast that produces powerful emotion and gives the viewer the feeling that they’re there. If you’ve ever said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to broadcast what we’re doing?” you know that this is much more difficult than many would think. In order to get from one camera focused on a speaker to a vibrant live feed, you are going to need the right tool. The NewTek TriCaster Mini HD-4i is just that. This 9-pound computer is all the brains you’ll need to create live broadcasts of presentations, shows and events so professional that you may not notice the difference between your production and one with a much larger budget. NewTek has continued to improve on their design, technology and power. This product is just as the name suggests: Mini. It’s 4.6 x 9.2 x 7.9 inches, but don’t let the size fool you. It has merely consolidated any extra space into a powerhouse of a studio. read more...

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