NewTek TriCaster Mini Pays for Itself at South Carolina Church

DSCN1788We get so many calls from houses of worhip looking for an affordable live prodcution and streaming solution for their services and congregation to use. One of the best solutions around for them is the NewTek TriCaster Mini, because it utilizes inexpensive pro-sumer HDMI equipped camcorders. Tricaster Mini delivers all fo the features, performance and broadcast quality that professional TriCasters give them for under $10K. In this white paper NewTek gives you an in depth rundwon of one church's live prodcution solution and workflow.

New Broadcast Workflow Pays For Itself at South Carolina Church

Neal Fischer has a vision for the South Carolina Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). He wants the church to be adaptive, relevant, and able to deliver its message to a demographic that lives much of its life on the Internet.
As director of communication of the Synod, which is the middle body between the larger church and the church body, Fischer has initiated a social media and video program that pairs the latest broadcast technology with the traditional messaging of the church. According to Fischer, two-thirds of people seeking a church conduct online research before attending a service. Coupled with the fact that YouTube’s popularity is second only to Google in the arena of search engines, Fischer believes that if your church is going to be found, you must be sharing compelling videos online. Fischer went to an arts high school, worked with a local cable access channel, and picked up skills in staging, lighting, and production along the way. A self-proclaimed techie, he not only enjoyed learning new skills but also found ways to make production more cost-efficient. This talent has proven itself very valuable in his current role at the South Carolina Synod. Part of Fischer’s job is to also assist in building relationships with communities of the Synod as well as maintaining and developing partnerships to secure local and global ministry opportunities. And, since the Synod’s mission is to give congregants a sense of connection to the Lutheran Church as a whole, when the time came to initiate a new video program, his focus was on improving communication skills in an administrative capacity. read more...

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