NewTek TriCaster Pro

Studio Monthly by By Douglas Spotted Eagle TriCaster ProA well-laid out workflow and feature set—the image processing quality is outstanding; the ease of use allows Tricaster to fit into practically any environment; a very fast learning curve. Smaller. More powerful. High-quality output. Easy to use. Fast. These are all buzzwords that describe the NewTek TriCaster Pro production system. Dual-use systems are passà © today; everything needs to provide at least three functions if not more, and the TriCaster Pro does not disappoint. I first used the TriCaster at a town meeting for which I’d been asked to provide video services. The town is off the beaten path, in one of the largest but most sparsely populated counties in the U.S. The town wanted to stream the meeting, and I knew the TriCaster was out there as a possible solution that could make my job easier. It did. What This Baby Can Do The TriCaster Pro accepts three live camera inputs, numerous transitions (200-plus), titling and the ability to play back previously recorded clips (i.e. DVR). It’s simply incredible that all this takes place in a box approximately the size of two stacked cereal boxes. read more...

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