Newtek Tricaster Production Switchers Ready for Streaming Reality

Remote and live production have both become major areas of necessity for multiple organizations, and as a result live switchers are a hot commodity. There are some exciting new production switchers and encoders that are more than cut out for the task of elevating live streaming to the new standards of todays world.

One such production switchers is the NewTek TriCaster TC2 elite. It is worth noting that NewTek controls the distribution of the TC2 elite directly, and those who are looking to use the device must be approved by the company itself. However, there is also a great line of TriCaster devices from NewTek that are powerful production systems as well, including the NewTek TriCaster TC1.

Recently, posted a great article outlining how some production switchers can be used to create high end live streams, to fit the rising demands of today. There is a nice section of the TC2 elite, as well as NewTek production switchers in general, in this article.
Check out some highlights from that article, below.

"The TriCaster 2 Elite is capable of dual 4Kp60 mix outputs, a single 4Kp60 output with 4x 1080p60 outputs, or 8x 1080p60 outputs—all simultaneously delivered over SDI and NewTek’s popular NDI IP protocol."

“What sets the TriCaster 2 Elite apart is our groundbreaking ‘Live Call Connect’ feature that offers support for up to nine guests via Zoom, Teams, Tencent, Discord, Skype and more,” said Liam Hayter, senior solutions architect for the San Antonio-based company. “All run natively on the system with a dedicated multiviewer mode. Live Call Connect will also analyze the call and automatically separate out the nine callers into individual video inputs for use on the system, and this also includes talkback.”

Check out the full article HERE.

Learn more about NewTek HERE.

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