NewTek TriCaster & PTZOptics Robotic Cameras are the Perfect Match!
In this video you will learn how tightly and easily PTX Optics robotic cameras integrate with NewTek TriCaster live production workflows. We started selling PTX Optics cameras about a month ago and the feedback from our customers is phenomenal. They deliver performance and features comparable to PTZ cameras costing twice as much or more. For well under $2,000 you're getting image quality as good as cameras costing up to $5K or more. Now we learn how well they integrate with TriCasters making PTZOptics Videoguys top recommendation for your live productions!
Check out this in-depth review with Paul Richards and Andrew Chatifled, lead support technician for PTZOptics reviewing how to set up a NewTek TriCaster 460 with the PTZOptics video conferencing cameras. The video session is set to 1080p with 30 fps with two PTZOptics HD-SDI cameras. Andy uses RS-232 cabling for control of the PTZ cameras with the Tricaster 460.

PTZOptics-Integration-with-NewTek-TriCasterTricaster Integration Enter Live Webcasting… Emerge Victorious

Whether broadcasting on location, streaming from a flight case, or driving a big screen from backstage, live event producers need to be able to deliver high-quality, professional results from wherever they are—and get quickly to wherever they’re going next. With built-in support for PTZ controls for PTZOptics cameras. Watch more PTZOptics TriCaster Integration Videos At PTZOptics we strive to provide integration videos for NewTek TriCasters. The following videos outline integration with the latest NewTek TriCaster Mini, TriCaster 460 and inter-operability for all professional TriCaster Models. In these video, lead support technician Andrew Chatfield reviews the compatibility and limitations of the PTZOptics cameras. In general, camera control can be fully integrated into your NewTek workspace and full 1080p video quality can be achieved. We hope these videos are helpful and you always refer to our Knowledge Base for additional information.
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