Newtek TriCaster TC-1 helps 2 Man Team Government Access Channel win BIG!

This is the heartwarming inspiring tale of two men who use the NewTek TC1 and the benefits that come with it.

Anthony Wilson, Communications Director for the City of San - Angelo, Texas, gets asked frequently is, "he's the guy they see on TV?"

But Anthony isn't a TV personality. He's the face of "San Angelo Television" AKA SATV. What's that? It's the local access TV channel for their government. They also release their content online via Facebook, YouTube, and the city website.

It's become quite clear SATV is not your average local TV station.

Wilson and his colleague Brian Groves are the two behind giving their local TV station a professional, refined, and unique look that brings viewers in every week.

“We pride ourselves on producing the best video in this region... Today’s video can’t just have substance, it also has to be a high-end product that really impresses viewers.”

Brian Groves
Anthony Wilson (left) hosting his show

SATV has won 50-60 awards while competing against content produced by ad agencies, and is still going strong!

The Importance of Video

“The more people understand what our municipal government is doing, as well as how and why we’re doing the things we do, the more supportive they are. And, in this day in age, the best way for us to communicate with them is via video that’s accessible from multiple platforms,”

Antony Wilson

Conducting interviews with local officials and special guests is a common for Wilson. They usually focus on things such as public safety, important local news updates, and community events.

You'd be surprised to know that thanks to NewTek's TC1, Groves works all by himself! He runs the cameras and the switcher from one location. He uses the NewTek TriCaster TC1 4-HD/SDI input production switcher. It's sleek, simple, and easy to understand design lets him immediately jump into any project and role with the punches live broadcasting always throws at him.

Brian Groves at his station

Quality Sells

What makes SATV stand out is their ability to see ahead. They knew that quality is what counts. Using sub par SD cameras and single shots is not going to cut it anymore.

"The final equipment package included: the TriCaster TC1, a LiveU 200, an Allen & Heath digital audio mixer, an assortment of studio and lavelier mics, six Canon C100 digital cameras, as well as a Kessler Crane camera jib and sliding crane motion control system that can be set-up and operated using an iPad."

Claudia Keinzle (original author)

Work Space

Having their new 30 foot work space has given them a breath of relief. Surprisingly their studio was only renovated on top of a city owned Government building. They built it to the specifications of their own set.

The benefits of this comes to major city meetings. They can effectively record the floor debates below them (also while broadcasting live to Facebook & YouTube) then ask key players up stairs to interview. ALL WITHOUT ENDING THEIR LIVE STREAM!

SATV Set after renovations

With only a click of a few buttons, they are ready to not only roll but also broadcast to all their social media platforms. No longer are they spending hours setting up lights, cameras, audio, sets, ect. Now they can leave almost everything up and be ready to go. This also gives them a great sense of consistency.

And it's all thanks to the TC1.

"The TriCaster is a fantastic system that has made life easier. We just turn on a few switches, roll our program open, switch the cameras, roll the B-roll, roll titles, whatever we want our show to feature."

Brian Groves

Groves reports that he only had a half day's training. Yet the TC1's layout is so simple he was able to pick it up in no time at all. This brings to mind the idea of "so easy a caveman can do it." He was also quick to praise NewTek for their swift support whenever a problem or question arose (something I can personally concur with).


"In the workflow designed by Philip Nelson and Nelco’s Chief Engineer Rob Chickering, the TriCaster is directly fed by four of the six HD/SDI Canon C100 studio cameras. The two additional C100s are connected to a BirdDog converter that converts the HD/SDI signal into the NDI IP-based network protocol for NDI input into the TriCaster."

Claudio Keinzle

Three are mounted on tripods, one on a jib, one on a cine slider, and the remaining ones are all secured on the ceiling for wides. Certainly they've got their ground covered.

Live graphics are, of course, lower thirds, intros and outros, bumpers, and watermarks. Again... all made possible thanks to the TC1!

“We placed a special solar screen in front of the windows to cut down the light coming in. We chose a screen that did not have a pattern that could cause a moire effect when the cameras aimed at them. The screens roll down for production, and then roll back up when they want to have natural light coming in again.”

Nelco Media’s (associated with SATV) Lighting Designer Lowry Perry
Light rigging on the SATV set

The Mission

Wilson takes pride on never losing his focus on what's important to be discussed. This is a Government show. Thus he must focus on the issues present for the city accurately.

“We first ask ourselves, ‘Is it interesting? Is it of importance? and/or, Is it of impact’ to our citizens?”

Anthony Wilson

If those are not met... well... they support the topics that do.


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