Newtek TriCaster TC-1 & NDI Powers Sports Production From A Time Zone Away

The Newtek Tricaster TC1 and NDI technology recently powered the live stream of a major sporting event- from an entire time zone away!

Golf’s Western Amateur Championship is an annual event at the Sunset Ridge Country Club in Northfield Illinois. However, television and live production companies never broadcast the event. Production costs are to high for such a niche audience.

Newteks Tricaster TC1 and NDI products were the perfect solution to the problem. Thaler Media was able to stream the event for the first time this year with Newtek technology. The broadcast streamed for 12 hours directly to

Recording was affordable and easy.

“We were able to produce this event very affordably—at perhaps a tenth the cost—compared to the overhead typically associated with a live broadcast-quality HDTV show ."

-Lowell Thaler, President of Thaler Media in North Palm Beach, Fla.

The entire broadcast was produced remotely from a studio in North Palm beach, Florida.

For more information, check out TVtechnology's full article here.

To learn more about or purchase the NewTek Tricaster or NDI technology, click here.

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