NewTek TriCaster TC1 and NDI Rock!

Downtown Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame helps keeps Rock and Roll alive. With over a half-million visitors every year and even more through its massive digital social media presence, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame produces an abundance of content. With the help of NewTek  products they are ready to keep Rock and Roll alive and expand it's video content. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is powered by NewTek's TriCaster TC1 and NC1 I/O.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame provides their fans with concerts, interviews, and informational programs, so they are always producing a lot of content. The new SiriusXM Studio and control room was made to set their future video needs. With the new SiriusXM Studio and their NewTek video production system they are able to get out all their content easily. 

Sam Avellone is Director of Sales at NPI Audio Visual Solutions, based in Cleveland, and he and his staff helped design and install the new video production studio and control room facility.

"The TC1 makes it all happen. It’s the perfect tool. It’s called the TriCaster because it switches, records and web streams simultaneously. TriCaster is the only product on the market that does all three things at the same time in one chassis."
Sam Avellone



When The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was being designed, they needed something that was capable to produce, record and disseminate content from any location inside the museum and anywhere on the museum grounds. NDI Technology made this possible with minimum expenses, staffing and time. 

"The whole building is tied together in a platform called NDI. NDI is basically video-over-IP, which NewTek developed a couple of years ago.  Now, it’s a protocol in the industry.  I use the phrase, ‘if you’re not using NDI, you’re a dinosaur,’ because video-over-IP is what makes this whole set-up happen.  With NDI, we can go anywhere in the complex with a camera and plug into a network jack and send the signal from that camera to the new control room where it can be simulcast or web streamed.” 

 “In the olden days, you’d have to run a high-definition video cable to any camera covering one of these events. And the problem with that is that the longest cable you could run was 300 feet.  That put constraints on what you could do and couldn’t do.  With NDI, there are no constraints. Anything on the network is fair game, whether you’re ten feet away or all the way across the country.  As long as you’re on the same network, you can broadcast with almost zero latency."

  Sam Avellone

 Although right now things aren't as they normally are at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame due to the coronavirus, they are hoping it won't be long until they place is back to its originally packed grounds. They are hoping to do even more than they have already done with the TriCaster. With their new studio and control room, NewTek's great video production system, and NDI Technology they are able to keep Rock and Roll alive and give their fans what they want!

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