Newtek Tricaster TC1 Powers Napa Valley TV

Napa Valley Television is a public, education and government local TV channel in Napa Valley, California. They're powered with a NewTek TriCaster TC1.

Check out this video NewTek Shared Covering Napa Valley Television

Executive Director James Raymond is proud of the hand Napa Valley TV has had in empowering Napa Valley citizens to excercize their First Amendment Rights.

If you’re in public access, you’re not in it for the money. You’re in it for the love of free speech and giving people a media platform that they can use to communicate and express themselves

James Raymond, Executive Director

Naturally, the station needed an easy to use, high end production system, to ensure a high quality stream for all of their broadcasters, but not to limit the abilities of first time or new local broadcasters.

The TC1 seemed like a no brainier.

NewTek released a great article detailing the full process of setting up the Napa Valley Television station. Check it out HERE.

Learn more about NewTek HERE

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