NewTek TriCaster tech tip: Using the Tracker to layer video in creative ways

Full Tutorial

NewTek puts out another great tutorial for all us Tricaster users out there! Boy I learned a few things myself. The ability to layer in this program is great, and one of the effects is called "Tracker".

Basically this lets an editor select a color in a video source with the NewTek Tricaster, could be live or not, and key other video / graphics in that spot. The video above shows how to do this with great detail.


So the possibilities are endless! Like branding. No more boring still images! Spicing up that stream will always attract new audiences and further your reach. No built in fascia displays.

NewTek Tricaster Motion Tracker Step 1
NewTek Tricaster layout
Click the settings gear which will open the configuration panel
NewTek Tricaster Motion Tracker Step 2
Click Tracker on the top to activate it. Select the color you want. Then enter controls.
NewTek Tricaster Motion Tracker Step 3
Use Positioner for the DSK to key out the video. Make it as large or small as needed.

Hope this helps! Certainly did for me.

Watch the full video here!

Learn more about the NewTek Tricaster and other NewTek products here!

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