Newtek Tricasters help Church Expand Worship Community

Are you a House of Worship looking to foster your community online and stream your services and events? Here's a great user story of a church in Kansas who is making NewTek tricasters and streaming technology work for their congregation.
newtek-streaming-worship-productionThrough the power of video, CrossPoint Church in Hutchinson, Kansas has connected nearly a dozen church campuses across the state with professional HD video productions of weekly worship messages. With churches around the country facing closures due to shrinking budgets, CrossPoint is enabling churches on the verge of shuttering their doors to stay open. “In Kansas, there are many small communities that have churches that are closing,” said Paul Alicea, CrossPoint Worship Arts Pastor. “Our production technology and process enables us to get into those communities that have smaller churches, or may no longer have access to a place of worship.” 10 years ago, Andy Addis, Lead Pastor at CrossPoint, originally came up with the idea of recording their services to share with other church campuses, and Alicea carried out the production. It has since grown into a large growth opportunity for CrossPoint. Two years ago the church moved into a new building in Hutchinson, which now serves as the main CrossPoint campus. With the capacity to welcome 2,000 people per weekend and production housed in one location, they began doing three services total: one Saturday and two on Sunday. Every Saturday night the Hutchinson main campus holds a live music worship and message, and Alicea captures the service in a variety of ways to share with the online community and other campuses. On Sundays, they live-stream the services on their website for community members that can’t attend. “We have people who are regular attendants here, but for whatever reason, if they have to miss a week, they can still feel involved,” said Alicea. “The goal here is to reach people in more rural parts of Kansas who don’t physically attend a church. This is their church.” ...[continue reading]

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