NewTek Unveils TimeWarpâ„¢, a High-Performance Replay Controller for TriCasterâ„¢

Click here for the Videoguys' NAB SHOW 2008 Page with all the news from the show! Accessory allows the ability to immediately add slow motion and instant replay to live productions Newtek Time Warp NewTek, Inc., manufacturer of industry-leading video and 3D animation products, today introduced TimeWarpâ„ ¢, an optional USB-connected replay controller for its line of TriCasterâ„ ¢ portable live production systems. TimeWarp extends the capabilities of TriCaster by providing producers with a dedicated operator for video playback to perform instant slow motion replay at adjustable speeds on-the-fly during live productions. Together, TriCaster and TimeWarp bring a higher level of sophistication to live sports and fast-paced event coverage. Producers are used to marking in and out points when editing video, but TimeWarp allows this to be done instantly by a single operator or team during a live production. As an event is recorded or streamed with TriCaster, a segment of video can be bracketed and sent to an internal VCR to be played back in slow motion. “TimeWarp greatly adds to the immediacy and flexibility of TriCaster-powered productions. Producers are now able to create professional presentations that surpass client and audience expectations with instant replay and slow motion from any venue,† said Andrew Cross, NewTek’s Executive VP, Software Engineering. “The clips are captured and played back quickly and easily without interrupting the technical director.† TriCasterâ„ ¢ enables sports organizations, corporate communications departments, broadcasters, schools and others to provide a whole new level of extended programming and content to their fans, partners and other audiences. Now, a single operator can produce a live show switching between as many as six cameras with two VCR’s, multi-channel effects, and NewTek’s proprietary virtual sets and keying technology using TriCasterâ„ ¢. With it, virtually anyone can produce network quality live video, which can be distributed simultaneously via video, web stream and projector. NewTek TimeWarp will be available d for $995

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