NewTek Update: Choosing the Right TriCaster, NDI|HX3 And More

On today's Videoguys Live, Gary goes over the latest news and products from NewTek! This includes NDI|HX3, PTZ3 Camera, Choosing the Right TriCaster for You, and more! 

Watch the full video HERE:

Which TriCaster is Right for You?

Check out this full comparison chart between the TriCaster TC1, TriCaster 1 Pro, and the TriCaster 2 Elite

This comparison chart goes over Inputs, Outputs, Premium Features, Additional Features, and TriCaster Key Features. 

Gary also went on to talk about the TriCaster Control Surfaces that are available

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 TriCaster Mini 4K | NDI

  • Take it anywhere, it’s small and light weight.​
  • Plug-n-Play NDI®, no external networks. Add your NDI® device and its live.​
  • 2 Spark Plus IO input modules directly connect HDMI devices instantly as NDI® sources.​
  • 4 NDI® connections with PoE makes video, audio, tally, power and control as easy as plugging in an ethernet cable.​
  • 8 live video inputs, supporting any combination in resolutions up to 4K UHD.​
  • Stream to all your favorite social channels with the push of a button.​
  • 2 simultaneous live Skype inputs bring guests in from anywhere in the world.​
  • Grab a couple of cameras, including your iPhone®, and you’re on your way.

TriCaster Mini 4K | NDI: $8,995.00

TriCaster Mini 4K | NDI with Control Surface Bundle: $10,995.00

What is NDI and NDI|HX?

  • Higher Bandwith Required
  • Lower Bandwith Required (about 1/10th)
  • Lower Latency
  • Higher Latency (about 8x)
  • Higher frame rates and resolutions
  • Slightly lower resolution
  • Allows for more NDI devices to be on a slower network

What is NDI|HX3?

NDI|HX3 delivers: 

  • Visually lossless video
  • Half the data rate of ND|HX2
  • Latency as low as Full NDI
  • Which means up to 6 streams of NDI|HX3 over GigE with latency low enough for IMAG

So, is my camera upgradable?

NDI|HX PTZ3 is the world’s first camera to offer NDI|HX3 ​

20x Optical Zoom​

Video Output: NDI|HX, 3G-SDI, HDMI

NewTek University offers classes on:
  • Live Production with TriCaster​
  • NDI and Performance Media Networking​
  • NewTek Infrastructure Products​
  • 3PLAY Operation​
  • NewTek Production Automation​
  • NewTek Production Graphics

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