NewTek Workflows with the TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI

The TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI is a powerful production system that can step your workflow up significantly, as is consistent with NewTek TriCaster systems.  Combining the TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI with other NewTek products, NDI technology and new features on board like Live Panel or Pan and Scan will elevate your live streaming capability to new heights.  

On today's Videoguys Live Webinar, Gary Bettan is joined by NewTek's Jeremy Morris to take a deep dive into this production system, the world of NDI and a demo of NewTek's Live Panel.  They also discuss how this device is a great solution for areas like education, corporate video and houses of worship.  

Check out the webinar, below:

TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI:

The TriCaster Mini brings complete production capabilities and format flexibility to users. It also packs native IP processing through the power of NDI, and multi source video mixing, and allows for multi-destination delivery.  

Content can be streamed and recorded for posting on demand, and streams can be sent to multiple CDNs at once as well.  

New Features in the TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI:

The TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI comes with a host of new features for users that were not found in the previous iterations of the TriCaster Mini.  These features include:

  •  Two Spark Plus IO  4K HDMI/NDI IO Box
  •  SkypeTX - Now supports 2 SkypeTX channels 
  •  LivePanel - Create software-based control panels and operate your TriCaster through any Web browser or operating system on the network
  •  4 Mix Outs - Animated GIFs in Buffers; Media Player Presets; and more
  •  NDI® KVM - Gives you access to the user interface from a computer or device on the network 
  •  SRT Ingestions -  Provides high-quality, low-latency connections from across the public Internet 
  •  Live Story Creator – Let your script automatically run the show & power teleprompter

 The TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI comes in at $7,995.  Users can also bundle this device with a control surface for $9,995. 

TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI Workflows:

Check out some of these great workflows showcasing the best use cases for the TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI. 

Mini 4K Out Of The Box Workflow

TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI Workflow Back Panel Connections:

TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI Advanced Workflow with PoE+ Switch:

Who can use the TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI?


The TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI fits great in the education space.  The production system can be used to teach students valuable production tools, elevate your remote learning workflow, or share your message across your campus- better yet, you can stream it!

Houses of Worship:

This system can act as a valuable tool for congregations looking to connect with their attendees both inside and outside the house of worship.  This technology will allow members  to attend services even when they can't be there in person.  Volunteers or professionals can produce easy to follow content that's as good as anything on TV.   

Corporate Streaming:

Corporate streaming has seen a major rise in the past year as the number of at home employees has risen.  TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI is here to help stream to coworkers, customers, employees and more with info on the latest products or developments.  It can also help connect employees remotely with a more engaging video conferencing stream. 

Live Panel and More:

Live Panel:

Live Panel allows users to control their TriCaster even while they are away, via their web browser.  This also means the ability to control a production from an iPad or similar mobile device. On top of that, this means increased flexibility in control with the custom building function within live panel.  We feature a great demo of this feature in our webinar. Demos and training can also be booked at
Live Panel Features:

  • Easier control for your IP Workflow
  • Compatible with workstations, laptops, tablets and mobile
  • Straight forward user-friendly interface
  • Easily customizable
  • Keystrokes Panel allows for Hotkeys and shortcuts

Pan and Scan:

Pan and Scan is now featured in TriCaster right out of the box.  This is a process that allows for virtual PTZ control from a fixed 4K camera, rather than a PTZ camera.  This means a 1080p region of interest can be taken from a 4K image, or a 4K image can be moved about.  

Check out this image to learn more:


NDI Version 4.5: 

NDI version 4.5 is the most recent update to NDI technology and comes packed with a ton of features.  This includes:

  • Realtime iOS Support
  • NDI|HX improvements and lower latency
  • Unlimited IP recording
  • NDI SDK for Unreal Engines

NDI in 4K:

NDI now supports 4K workflows, in production systems, cameras and converters.  Streaming has also advanced enough to support 4K streams.  

Accessories and Devices to Add:

NDI Converters:

NewTek offers a variety of NDI encoders and decoders for HDMI or SDI to NDI or vice-versa.  These devices include:

Spark Plus 4K

  • $599
  • Convert video up to 4K 2160p60
  • IP Transport via NDI
  • USB-c powered
  • Tally support via NDI

Spark Plus IO 4K 

  • $895
  • Convert video up to 4K UHD 60p and audio from HDMI to NDI OR NDI to HDMI
  • Power over Ethernet 
  • Tally Support via NDI 

Spark Plus IO 3G-SDI

  • $995
  • Convert video up to 1080p60 3G * audio from SDI to NDI OR NDI to SDI
  • Power Over Ethernet
  • Tally Support via NDI 

NEW! Spark Plus IO 12G-SDI

  • $1,095
  • 12G SDI Video Input and Output 
  • Encode and Decode NDI Video
  • Web based user interface for configuration and monitoring
  • Power over Ethernet

PTZ Cameras:

NewTek has two great PTZ cameras for workflows within the TriCaster Mini 4K|NDI or other production workflows.  These cameras include:

NewTek PTZ2:​

  • $2,195
  • 1080p
  • 20X Optical Zoom
  • Integrated Tally Support
  • NDI|HX Capable Compatible with NDI Version 4.5.3
  • POE+


  • $3,995
  • 4K UHD
  • 30X Optical Zoom
  • Integrated Tally Support
  • NDI|HX Compatible with NDI Version 4.5.3
  • POE++

NewTek's NDI|HX Camera App:

A popular request in today's streaming landscape is the ability to bring a mobile phone into your production system as a camera.  NewTek's NDI|HX Camera App makes this a reality by turning your iPhone or Android into an NDI camera, compatible with your NDI aware production system.  The app is priced at just $19.99 in the App Store or on Google Play.

NDI Tools:​

NDI Tools are another great way to add NDI sources, or simply trouble shoot your NDI Workflow.  This suite is available at NDI.TV and is completely free.  It includes a variety of tools for Mac or PC. 

NDI Tools Available on PC:

  • NDI Studio Monitor
  • NDI Screen Capture
  • NDI Webcam Input
  • NDI VLC Plugin
  • NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud
  • NDI Import I/O for Adobe CC
  • NDI Access Manager
  • NDI Test Patterns
  • NDI|HX Driver
  • NDI Screen Capture HX

NDI Tools Available on Mac:

  • NDI Video Monitor
  • NDI Screen Capture
  • NDI Webcam Input
  • NDI For Adobe Creative Cloud
  • NDI Import I/O for Adobe CC
  • NDI Access Manager
  • NDI|HX Driver

 Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about NewTek HERE.

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