NewTek’s TriCaster Capture, broadcast, edit in one box

tricasterDMN Product Review By Stephen Schleicher The worst thing about doing a multi- camera live switched remote program is the enormous amount of gear that you have to take along. TriCaster, the latest technology tool from NewTek, takes all the gear and squeezes it into a little tiny box. Capture, edit, and broadcast live, TriCaster promises to fulfill the needs of a live truck. The first thing out of some people’s mouth when they hear about NewTek’s TriCaster is, “What about VT4?† While the Video Toaster 4 system is alive and well, it may be a bit too much machine for most people to handle. This is especially true when talking about remote productions. This is where the TriCaster comes in – pure portable power. Live Production Of the three major features of TriCaster, the Live Production module will be the area where most users will spend their time. After all, the big selling point of the unit is to be able to do a live event without a large truck. TriCaster allows you to connect up to three cameras using either Composite or S-Video connections. Unless you are using a distribution amp (DA), you’ll want to pay special attention to the length of the cable to ensure a clean signal. Still 60 feet should not be a major problem, which means you will be able to set up cameras far enough apart to do just about any event. read more...

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