NewTek's New TriCaster 40: Bringing the TriCaster Back to the "Little Guy"

Streaming Media by Tim Siglin

NewTek returns to its roots of empowering entry-level and budget-constrained live producers with its first sub-$5k HD-capable, multi-camera live production system

If you've been staring at your TriCaster Studio, Broadcast, or even the venerable TriCaster Pro, and wishing you could go high-definition for less than the cost of a new mid-sized sedan, you're about to be rewarded.

NewTek today announced the immediate availability of the TriCaster 40, priced at $4,995. Score one for the "little guy" that made NewTek the company it is today.

What's to like about TriCaster 40? First is its size: In a form factor reminiscent of the three SD-based TriCasters noted above, the TriCaster 40 has four inputs capable of HD or SD.

The inputs can be mixed-and-matched, just like with the more recent 855 Extreme and 455 Extreme, but the 40 lacks digital HD inputs. Yes, you heard that right: The four inputs on the TriCaster 40 are component, composite, or Y/C only. read more...

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