NewTekU Free Production Graphics Course!

We just finished taking a NewTekU class on creating graphics for TriCaster systems. It's called 'Production Graphics' and covers topics like LiveText, LiveGraphics, Animation Store Creator, Virtual Set Editor and more. There is over 7 hours of content to watch and example project material included with the class.

NewTek University courses are great resources for anyone working with TriCaster Systems, or NDI production workflows, and are an excellent method for becoming an expert in NewTek Live Production.  The value of the courses is substantial.  

This free class is available, HERE. 

"Graphics are an essential part of any live show; it is the thread that ties the entire production together.  This class starts with the fundamentals of graphics and the terminology used in live production.   Learn how to create titles, transitions, borders, animated logos and virtual sets with examples included in the class materials.  Each class section will focus on a different graphics workflow available in TriCaster solutions."

The class has a list of objectives to train the audience in.  The topics of the Live Graphics Course Include:

  • LiveText
  • LiveGraphics
  • Animation Store Creator
  • Virtual Set Editor
  • Borders
  • Framebuffer Network Access
  • File Importing with Alpha
  • Chrome DataLink Plug-In

Learn more about NewTek HERE.

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