NextComputing Collaborates with Samsung to Showcase Powerful 360 VR Solutions at NAB 2018

With 360-degree VR video's explosion in the media industry comes more advancements and further developments for it. The same can be said about live streaming productions becoming more and more advanced so everyone can get in on the act. NextComputing and Samsung have become a powerhouse team in this endeavor and at NAB 2018 in Las Vegas, they will be showing off their latest and greatest. NextComputing will be using the Samsung 360 Round camera to demo their new units. The software used to the stitching and live streaming is all provided by NextComputing so if you want the most out of your 360 Round, you need one of these computers to go with it. But NextComputing isn't just looking to enhance the live aspect of 360-degree video, they also have extensive post-production utilities allowing users to use the 360 Round in a multitude of purposes. For anyone interested in 360-degree video on a small or grand scale, seek out the information from NextComputing or better yet, head to Vegas for NAB 2018 and see for yourself! The NextComputing units on display and being demonstrated are:

Radius Live

A portable, all-in-one workstation with integrated 17-inch HD display and dual NVIDIA GPUs, capable of stitching and live streaming a single 360 Round camera at maximum 4K 3D quality. This system can simultaneously stream online and output over 6G-SDI, as well as perform offline stitching and post-production.

Radius Edge

A slim portable, all-in-one workstation with integrated 17-inch HD display with a single NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GPU. The Radius Edge is the ideal “laptop replacement” system for offline stitching and post-production of 360 Round footage, more powerful than any laptop on the market.

Nucleus 2U

A compact, short-depth 2U rackmount server for live stitching with dual GPUs and redundant power, designed for flypacks and server room installations where portability is not required.

Multi-Camera Rackmount System

A complete multi-camera live production solution in two (2) 14U rolling rack cases. This turnkey system enables live switching and streaming of up to four (4) Samsung 360 Round cameras in full 4K 3D, as well as graphics and HD video overlays, multiview monitoring, Dante audio mixing, and 4G LTE uplink.

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