NextVR wants to become Netflix of Virtual Reality

From left, NextVrÕs founders David Cole, DJ Roller and Executive Chairman Brad Allen. ///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: NextVR.METRO.0605-6/1/15- KYUSUNG GONG, STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER Ð Feature on NextVrÕs founders David Cole and DJ Roller.We love it when one of our customers push the envelope and get into really cool projects and technologies. The guys over at NextVR are doing just that. Believe it or not, some of these guys go all the way back to their first Desk Top Video purchases from Videoguys. Long forgotten products like DC20, AV Master, Targa 1000s. I can't tell you about the stuff they are working on now (it's very hush-hush), but this article lays out their ambitious goals to dominate the Virtual Reality space.
The Orange County Register by Jenna L. Jones

NextVR in Laguna Beach wants to become the Netflix of the virtual reality industry

Standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Golden Gate bridge, I was suddenly transported onto the ice with the Anaheim Ducks.Then, I sat in the front row during a high-speed NASCAR race before standing onstage next to Chris Martin during a Coldplay concert.As confetti rained down around me, I removed the Samsung Gear VR headset to find myself sitting in an airy tech office in Laguna Beach.

The virtual reality demo, created by Laguna Beach-based NextVR, offers 360-degree views that feel true to size and scale.

While virtual reality continues to be touted as the next frontier in tech, NextVR already is ahead of the game. The company has 23 patents granted and pending for the capture, compression, transmission and display of virtual reality content.

Adding to the buzz surrounding virtual reality, VR headset maker Oculus – which was acquired by Facebook last year for $2.3 billion – recently announced it will roll out its Rift headset for retail consumers in the first quarter of 2016. NextVR executives welcomed the news as the jolt the industry had been waiting for. read more...

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