Nice Guide to Streaming and Conferencing Services

As the year continues we see more and more businesses, organizations, and individuals investigating live streaming for events, meetings and more. With live streaming and web conferencing having a bigger and bigger hold on the industry, has put together a great guide on getting started.  We'll be taking a look at some highlights from that article, below. 

What are the Differences Between Live Streaming and Web Conferencing? 

One of the biggest differences is the audience with live streaming vs web conferencing. However, both mediums can use the same gear to create a high quality and engaging broadcast.  

Live streaming is done to reach an audience not present, and is often archived. However, many live streams also often offer direct interaction with their audience- either through a chat section or write in feature, while canned and pre-recorded video simply can't achieve the same effect.  

Web conferencing is done to reach an individual or group of people directly, and are often more private.  This also allows for direct conversation between participants. However, using a multi-camera switcher or production system is often recommended for web conferencing, as it will still keep your audience engaged. 

Destinations: also included a great guide to some live streaming services, and what might be the right choice for you. 

Check out the full article HERE. 

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